Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#HopeKnitLove the Movement!

The time is now! 

Our world needs Hope... We love to Knit... Let's show some Love!!!
I have high hopes that something BIG comes of us! We ALL need to be the difference that we want to see in this world. Turn on the news on any given day, and we're flooded with devastation, catastrophes, heartache, despair, hate crimes, and the list goes on... Enough is enough... Can a few of us knitters really make a difference? I believe that if we touch just one life, and make a positive impact, we are achieving our goal! 
So, we'll start small... but dream BIG! 
Stay tuned... I have a couple of people in mind for starters that I want us to reach out and touch. 
More details coming this week... We CAN do this!!! I love you ALL!

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    Man-made doctrine is found in catechisms, creed books, and church statements of faith.

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